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We began our series in September 2020

Foggy Forest

Wild Pyrford at a Glance

A series of videos on how Pyrford Residents are 'greening-up' their village. We look at ways to add 'a touch of wilding' in the garden and how this can improve local animal & insect habitats. It'll benefit all our lives. Wild Pyrford will introduce you to local people and their contribution to the Green and Conservation Landscape in Pyrford.

The May 2021 Edition highlights Spring in  a Rewilding project and St Nicholas churchyard

The April 2021 Edition looks back to favourites such as Dredging and Preservation


The March 2021 Edition looks back to favourites such as Natural Ponds and Beekeeping

The February 2021 Edition features home-grown videos of local gardens ... and Snowmen, plus a short Valentine song!

The January 2021 Edition of Wild Pyrford visits a Churchyard with the help of Jimmie Walker

Last Year, 2020

The December Edition meets a Gardening Group in West Byfleet and then gets 'down and dirty' ... in a Victorian ditch!

The November Edition meets a newcomer to Natural Ponds and goes in search of Ancient Woodland.

The October Edition visits a local Bee Keeper and discovers pre-Victorian water drainage systems.

Wild Pyrford's 1st Edition in September 2020 visits Pyrford's largest Rewilding project

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