• Wild man of Pyrford

SPRING has come! Sort of!

The May edition of Wild Pyrford includes new filming (at last!). The social restrictions that have prevented us from 'getting out there' have at last been lifted. We still have to observe social distancing and this has meant we've had to adapt the way we produce our videos.

One thing we changed immediately was 'the sound'. No longer could we use 'personal' microphones, sometimes called Lavs or Lavaliers. These would, in normal times, be clipped to a lapel or jacket and provide relatively clean audio. Since we restarted our productions we've used the so-called rifle mics. These are the 'furry' things you occasionally see (by mistake!) but allow us to pick up sound from a distance. So no personal space is invaded.

All we want now is some warmth. It can get very chilly, standing about in the wild!

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